• LEARN project, funded by the European Commission.
    UN Links Meeting, Hamburg, Germany, 27/8/2015
  • Changing the user experience at ECLAC library.
    UN Links Meeting, Hamburg, Germany, 26/8/2015
  • Repositorio Digital CEPAL
    Universidad del Desarrollo. Santiago, Chile, 24/7/2015
  • Repositorio Digital CEPAL
    Biblioteca del Congreso. Valparaíso, Chile, 26/6/2015


  • Repositorio Digital CEPAL
    Seminario “Ideas, Innovación e Integración en la Biblioteca: compartiendo experiencias”. Universidad del Desarrollo. Santiago, Chile, 13/10/2014
  • The library as a space
    UN Links Meeting. Delft, The Netherlands, 18/9/2014
  • Official launch ECLAC Digital Repository
    ECLAC Period of Sessions. Lima, Peru, 6/5/2014


  • ECLAC Institutional Repository
    UN Links Meeting. Geneva, 18/9/2013


  • Wikileaks and libraries
    BOBCATSSS 2012. Amsterdam, 24/1/2012





  • Experimenting with scientific information. The biomedical library as an information lab
    Towards a new information space – Innovations and renovations. EAHIL conference. Helsinki,  27/6/2008


  • Information literacy in academic curricula. A case study of integration at the biomedical faculties of K.U.Leuven University
    Pathways to new roles: The Education, Training and Continuing Development of the Health Library and Information Workforce. EAHIL workshop. Krakow, 14/9/2007
    Awarded “best oral presentation”.
  • Why organize information if you can find it? UDC and libraries in an internet world
    Information Access for the Global Community: an International Seminar on the Universal Decimal Classification. The Hague, 4/6/2007
    Available via DLIST
  • What our academic library is or wants to be(come)
    VLIR-UOS, Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador, 30/3/2007


  • 23/9/2005
    “Weg met de trukendoos! Naar een nieuwe onderwerpsontsluiting” (VVBAD-Informatie 2005, Vrije Universiteit Brussel).
    Available via VVBAD
  • 7/7/2005
    “Subject retrieval in OPAC’s: a study of three interfaces” (“The human dimension of knowledge organization”, 7th ISKO Spain Conference, Barcelona)
  • 2/3/ 2005
    “Information literacy in the virtual learning environment” (LERU-seminar “Research-Based Teaching in Higher Education”, University of Helsinki)


  • 22/11/2004
    “La Classification Décimale Universelle: De l’organisation physique à l’organisation virtuelle” (Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve)
  • 11/11/ 2004
    “De Universele Decimale Classificatie: Toepassing binnen de bibliotheken van de K.U.Leuven” (GO, Den Haag)
  • 16/7/2004
    “On the Razor’s Edge: Between Local and Overall Needs in Knowledge Organization” (8th International ISKO Conference, London).
    Available via DLIST


  • 6/11/2003
    “De Universele Decimale Classificatie: Toepassing binnen de bibliotheken van de K.U.Leuven” (GO, The Hague)
  • 19/2/2003
    “Digitization: some general principles” (Vlir-workshop, Leuven)
  • 10/2/2003
    “L’indexation matière dans les bibliothèques de la K.U.Leuven” (Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve)


  • 17/10/2002
    “Onderwerpsontsluiting in de bibliotheken van de K.U.Leuven – In het bijzonder classificatie” (National Library of The Netherlands, The Hague)

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