103 tweets



The fantastic news is that I have already 103 tweets. I’m very proud of this 🙂 This important increase is the result of an experiment. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I participated in the Ticer summer course at Tilburg University.  As usually I started to take notes on my laptop, in Word. I’m always surprised to see how special this is for quite a lot of colleagues who still write down their notes on paper. A few years ago, I decided to abandon paper for taking notes and it has really become a habit.  I wouldn’t want to miss it anymore since it is so much easier (and lighter to carry) when you only produce digital information. More people should do that.

Anyway, shy as I am, it was certainly not my intention to start tweeting (my wife says that BBC says that this is the correct verb) at the Ticer summer course.  Until I started talking during coffee break with a colleague from Groningen who was tweeting. She told me the secret code #09carte and convinced me to join her.  

Tweeting, like all kinds of data sharing (which was actually the theme of the Ticer summer course), is OK for most people if they know that others are doing the same. Nobody wants to expose himself to others for free . 

So after coffee break I started tweeting, and I decided not to make notes in Word anymore.


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