2nd post

Gentse FWell the glass of Rioja didn’t really help to keep my promise to blog regularly 🙂 Anyway  I made some progress: I’m already twittering more often than I expected.

I actually only really discovered twittering since I heard it was one of the only tools for communication about the political situation in Iran after the elections in 2009. I found it amazing that twittering was so powerful and so accessible for all of us at the same time. After that I registered at twitter.com and I followed the twittering at the LIBER Annual Conference in Toulouse this summer. I didn’t contribute myself and there was not really a lot of activity (next year in Aarhus we should do better!), but I learned from it that twittering could be used in almost the same way as I was taking notes on the conference in Word, but with the advantage of course that twittering allows you to share your ideas with your colleagues immediately.

I like twittering: it’s easy,  quick and you have the impression to communicate, not to write. Writing a blog just takes much more time. Of course, I’m not the first person to write about the difference between both mediums: an enormous amount of articles on this can be found on the internet. Just a few interesting examples:




And so many other articles you’ll find through Google (“twittering vs blogging”). All very fascinating! And good material for my blog 🙂

The picture at the beginning of this post was made last weekend at the Gentsche Fieste (Feasts of Gent). As every year, a great event!


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